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Who We Are

We are experts in what we do and we take pride in it.

Redmelon is a professional services company managed by passionate and experienced team of individuals who have been working in the financial services ecosystem for more than two decades. Redmelon Team is proficient with banking and government domain which acts as a catalyst to understand and structure solutions differently.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of solutions comprising of infrastructure consultancy, on/offsite services, custom software and web development, software and web application testing, and enterprise architecture consulting in banking and government domain.

Why Redmelon?

Launch new products faster with less complexities

Intelligent Optimizations


Low Cost - Capitalize on operational and cost efficiencies to further grow your business.

Reliable - Build trust by increasing visibility and eliminating failures.

Simple, Beautiful User Experience - Our front-end module is easy to drop into whatever you're building and designed to optimize conversion.

Close to metal - From direct integrations with card networks and banks to checkout flows in the browser, we operate on and optimize at every level of the financial stack.


We are offering you wide range of digital services and consulting

Security Assessment Service

Help prepare your organisation against cyberattacks by identifying gaps in your environment. Delivers the expert resources, knowledge, and methodology to build a unified security program.

Our IT Consultants offer IT Consulting, Network Security Management and Managed IT services.

Streamlined API integrations

The next generation API integration provided by Redmelon provides the API-first, developer-friendly approach that addresses these issues by leveraging API routing layers to “enable a single integration programmatically access multiple vendors without having to do multiple integrations” vis a vis. The existing integration comes with friction for both customers (e.g., extensive sales, compliance, and onboarding requirements) and banks (e.g., long and costly integration processes).

Digital Collections

A new age collection platform which has not been created for the merchant but for the client to the merchants. Easy & Quick integration with all possible modes of collections like payment gateway / RTGS NEFT etc.

Bank Guarantee Management Systems

Organizations needs the best BG trackers to examine and monitor the BG accepted for many reasons. Of course, one can do it by hand or with an BG tracking spreadsheet, but with the excellent BG management software available, why bother? From complete BG management software, to a one-time integration with the ERPs, has never been a better selection of BG management software in the market. Our application helps keep a track of your Bank Guarantees digitally.

Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) evolved out of the growing recognition that today's financial system is plagued by costly fees, disparate data sources, and paper-driven processes. Redmelon PaaS removes much of the cost and complexity from the traditional payment process, speeds up collections (and, in turn, time-to-revenue), and frees up accounting teams to focus less on paperwork and more on high-value activities likes forecasting.

Integrated Solution for Land Acquisitions

Dedicated Land Management software that manages all land acquisition related activities and consolidates all land-related data into a single system to manage and monitor acquisitions activity.

It is a web-based business solution that acts as a central repository of all Land related data & documents, making it accessible anytime anywhere.

Our Partner

Just one great partnership with the right person can have an incredible impact on your business success

Save Time

We get it. You’re busy and don’t have time to learn every software package that comes by. As a partner, you only need to invest in learning one set of products!

Easy Configuration

Red- Melon offers easily configurable and versatile solutions to meet the clients needs.

Dedicated Support

We’re easy to work with and flexible to your needs. Anything works for us, just let us know.

Our Culture

Every man's ability may be strengthened or increased by culture

We believe that creating a company where people love to work is built on relationships, growth, and impact. We cultivate a culture of low ego and set a high bar for excellence. We believe in flat organizations and open workspaces. We treat one another inside the company the same way we treat our members-by communicating in ways that build trust, operating with transparency, and having one another's back.

We recognize the contributions of individuals and celebrate wins as a team. Every member of the team is an owner of the company and is encouraged to “red-melon” on any part of the business. What we all have in common is a mission that starts with heart, and a desire to work together to create something of lasting value and the personal impact for our employees and members alike.


Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it

We are growing fast and plan to increase foot prints across all metros in 2022. This creates an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for a Business Head to drive the product vision and launch products internationally that our users truly love.

A Head of Product or Chief Product Officer with at least 8 years of product management leadership, including with a fast-growing start-up.

Visionary with Redmelon's products and communicate this to everyone

Strategic with your roadmap and resource planning

User focused in your prioritisation to ensure you build products users love

Research oriented ensuring you truly understand what our users need

Data driven in your decision making through asking the right questions

A skilled communicator who strives for proactive and open dialogue

Technical enough that you can confidently challenge your engineers

A problem solver who never settles with the status quo

Motivated by growth, both for your own career as well the team around you

Drive Redmelon's product vision to ensure everyone is excited about the future that we're enabling with Redmelon

Communicate our roadmap to our internal team, iterating on it with insights from users, customers and data

Learn from our users by analysing the quantitative and qualitative insights and using them to make recommendations and decisions on future product launches

Build and launch products that have clear hypotheses that test the impact on the user and business

Measure the impact of our products, using both quantitative and qualitative methods to gain insights

Improve our processes through constant iteration of our product development cycle to ensure products are being launched on time

Manage the product team to maximise the happiness and productivity of the product managers and designers who report to you

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